Written by Susan Spicka
November 28, 2022

Throughout the commonwealth extremists are attacking public schools. They are pushing book bans and trying to control what is taught in classrooms. They are attacking teachers. And they are even targeting students.

Ed Voters is launching a school board monitor program to track proposed harmful policies, support advocates who are pushing back against these policies, and create a space where advocates doing this work can connect and learn from each other.

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We know that these extremists are a tiny minority of people in any school district. But if no one is paying attention and extremists are the only voices speaking at school board meetings–or they are elected school board members– they can inflict real harm on students and schools.

We also know that watching school boards and pushing back against harmful policies works! Parents and community members throughout the commonwealth have been able to stop book bans and other harmful policies because they were paying attention.

On Tuesday, December 6 at 7:00 pm  Ed Voters hosted a training session that will supply all the tools that you will need to be a school board monitor, including a reporting system to a statewide team that will allow us to track proposed policy changes and support pushing back against bad proposals.

During this session advoctates learned how to:

  1. Watch the activities posted on the school’s website for policies, administrative decisions, and news that could affect the school climate and culture.
  2. Use a reporting tool that our statewide team will use to track proposed policy changes and support advocates who are pushing back against these policies.

Monitoring work will not begin until January, which gives us plenty of time to get ourselves organized.

Please find below resources from the Education Law Center.

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Video: Can they really do that? Know your rights about school board policies for inclusive & honest education.