Written by Susan Spicka
April 4, 2022

This week I joined a group of ladies in our town who were fed up with extremists attacking our kids’ teachers and schools. It was great.

We prepared our comments in support of our schools and our kids’ teachers and  brought our crochet projects to the meeting.  We clapped and cheered to support the good decisions our administration and board made, we may have politely jeered at some of the outrageous comments made by the extremists, we had fun, and we made a difference.

The extremists backpedaled on their attacks because they weren’t the only voices in the room and after the meeting, teachers, parents, and board members thanked us for speaking up.

Extremists who are focused on ruining our local schools show no signs of going away.

National organizations are constantly feeding them fresh talking points and conspiracy theories to take to meetings. These people are a cog in a highly-organized, well-funded, methodical operation to undermine the public’s faith in public education. And they are organizing to take over school boards in 2023

Ed Voters is creating a space where parents and community members can come together to network and support each other in efforts to push back against extremists to support and defend our local public schools. 

If you’re experienced and have been doing this work at board meetings for a long time, please join and share your tips and tools. 

If you haven’t engaged in this issue, but want to learn more,  join us and be part of a network of people who can support you in this work. 

CLICK HERE to fill out this form and we will send you information to register for a Zoom meeting on Wednesday, April 13th at 7:00 pm. . 

On the 13th we can meet each other virtually and talk about the best way that we can continue to be connected. We  understand that with people’s schedules not everyone will be able to join this call, so if you fill out this form we will keep you in the loop. 

PS: If you knit, crochet, sew or have another type of crafting project that you can bring to a meeting, we highly recommend this. School board meetings can be loooooong (and dull). And we can share pictures of our work!