We are so excited that Dr. Josh Cowen, a national expert on school vouchers, will be joining Ed Voters for a webinar about school vouchers on Tuesday, October 10th at noon.

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Dr. Cowen is a Professor of Education Policy at Michigan State University who has studied vouchers for two decades and published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and in national media outlets, including this article in Time magazine from April of this year.

During this webinar I will share an overview of Pennsylvania’s current (unaccountable and grifty) $340 million/year Educational Improvement Tax Credit and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit school voucher programs.  

Dr. Cowen will then share “Vouchers in Pictures,” a riveting presentation that showcases research on voucher programs in other states (spoiler alert: they cause catastrophic academic harm).

Why does this matter right now?

Billionaire-backed front groups in Pennsylvania are pouring mountains of cash into lobbying and targeting lawmakers who support public education. Republicans in Harrisburg have doubled down on their support of school vouchers. And Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro appears to be continuing to support a new voucher program that would make Betsy DeVos proud.

It is going to take all of us working together to stop a new voucher program from being implemented in PA.

I hope that you will join us for this very important webinar to learn about the severe damage that vouchers have caused in other states and stay engaged in the fight to support and defend public education in Pennsylvania.

PS: We highly recommend Dr. Cowen’s op-ed from The Philadelphia Inquirer, “When it comes to vouchers, Josh Shapiro should pass.”