Written by Susan Spicka
December 7, 2021

Students learning in a cinder block supply closet with no ventilation. Two reading specialists for 1200 students. Seventy-five kindergartners and one toilet. One guidance counselor for 400 students.

These are just a few bits of testimony from school leaders who have already taken the stand for the trial of Pennsylvania’s landmark school funding lawsuit.

Increasing public understanding that Harrisburg is underfunding our schools is the most important step that advocates can take to help build the statewide groundswell we will need to get the PA legislature to finally #FundOurSchools.

Below are five different ways that you can help. Pick one, five or any number in between!

Visit www.FundOurSchoolsPa.org to sign up for updates that will come directly from the law centers, including daily recaps of testimony from the trial, and find a link where you watch a livestream of the trial each day.

Click HERE to sign up for alerts so that you won’t miss the testimony from the school districts you care about most! Johnstown, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Wilkes-Barre, Shenandoah Valley and William Penn will still be on the stand. You can also sign up here to be part of a watch party with other advocates. These watch parties will consist of watching the trial as a group and have a host who will lead discussions regarding this important trial.

Click HERE to sign a resolution in support of the school funding lawsuit and ask your friends and networks to sign and share it, too.

Ask your school board to pass a resolution in support of the school funding lawsuit. Click HERE for more information. We will mail you everything you need!

Join us on December 14th on the Capitol steps at noon for a rally to tell PA lawmakers that we can’t hold it much longer! Click HERE for more information and to register.