Written by Susan Spicka
July 27, 2022

Yesterday, July 26, 2022, attorneys for the school funding lawsuit had their final day in court. They presented oral arguments to the judge during a lively day in the courtroom.

The case is now is in the judge’s hands. She has thousands of pages of documents to review and we expect that it will be months before she issues her decision.

I very highly recomend that you click HERE to read the account from our allies at the Public Interest Law Center and Education Law Center that details the arguments made by attorneys on both sides of the case.

Advocates were also in Harrisburg. An all-star group of students, parents, teachers, and community members spoke up in support of a thorough and efficient system of public education that will give ALL students the opportunities they need to succeed. And we sent a strong message that we will not go away until the legislature funds our schools.

Watch WENY coverage of the press conference HERE.

We are deeply grateful for the attorneys who upended their lives and spent four months arguing this case in Harrisburg (and years before that preparing for the trial). We are also grateful for every advocate in Pennsylvania who has sent emails, made phone calls, met with lawmakers, and talked to their friends and neighbors about school funding issues.  We are building a very powerful statewide movement to support our public schools and having a significant and positive impact on children.

Advocates spent the morning in the courtroom before going to the Capitol for our press conference in the afternoon.