Written by Susan Spicka
October 8, 2022

Extremists are pushing Don’t Say Gay bills, anti-LGBTQ legislation, and book bans at the state level. Individuals and groups are targeting school board meetings, inflaming parents with false ideas about what is being taught in our schools and dividing school communities. And some school boards have been taken over by extremists and are passing book bans and discriminatory policies that harm the most vulnerable students in their buildings. Just this week the ACLU filed a complaint against the Central Bucks School District alleging discrimination against LGBTQ students.

Against this background, we convened a press briefing on a recent Ipsos poll that found most parents want classrooms to be places of learning, not political battlegrounds. The poll found that a strong majority of parents believe that recent state laws banning books or making it illegal for teachers to talk about LGBTQ or racial issues are about politics, not what is in the best interest of children.

The poll found that most parents feel it is important for elected leaders to focus on ensuring students are safe and that schools have adequate funding. Few parents feel it is important for elected leaders to focus on passing laws governing which topics can and can’t be discussed in the classroom.

Watch the press briefing here:

During the press briefing, Southern Lehigh School District parent Kristin Bruck, Warwick School District parent Kayla Cook, and West Shore School District parent Danielle Gross shared powerful stories of organizing in their communities to support welcoming and inclusive schools for children.

Click HERE for an overview and toplines of the poll.

We cannot afford to stand by and allow a small minority of extremists to attack and demoralize educators, undermine faith in public education, and ruin our local public schools. Our Ed Voters team is very excited to be facilitating training sessions with the Campaign for Our Shared Future and the Education Law Center to help give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to join in this fight and make a real difference for students.

Click HERE for a flier with information about the training sessions and keep an eye out for an email early next week with additional information.