We are hiring a project coordinator who will be able to work approximately 20 hours/week in the Cumberland/Adams/Perry County region on an advocacy project to help support improving student mental health in public schools in this region.

By uniting and educating communities through a program of structured discussions and dialogues, research, coalition building, and advocacy training, the project aims to build public support for mental health services, create an immediate impact on school districts, and establish a self-sustaining movement for student health.

The Project

With support from the Partnership for Better Health (PBH), Ed Voters is embarking on a one-year advocacy project to support improving student mental health in public schools in south central PA, including parts of Cumberland, Adams, and Perry Counties, through a program of education, research, coalition building, and advocacy training. 

The project will provide the structure and resources for communities to achieve both meaningful near-term impacts on school districts’ mental health services and an engaged and self-sustaining movement for student health that will continue its work and build on its successes over the long-term.

Position Summary

Ed Voters seeks a part-time program coordinator who lives in the Cumberland/Adams/Perry County region. This individual will spend 20 hours per week focused on this project and will be expected to conduct and attend in-person meetings with stakeholders, advocates, and decision makers and organize and help facilitate local events in three selected school districts. The position will run from approximately September 1, 2023 through July 15, 2024. 

Ed Voters staff will provide the program coordinator with extensive support throughout the grant period to help ensure the success of their work. We will provide onboarding that includes in-depth training on school district issues and advocacy. We will also have regular weekly meetings to provide feedback and support.

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