Ed Voters is a proud partner of the Pennsylvanians for Welcoming and Inclusive Schools (PA WInS) coalition, which includes the Education Law Center, ACLU-PA, Disability Rights-PA, the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association, and many other valued partners.

PA WInS partner organizations share this mission:

To unite people working at the state and local level, to create effective strategies to challenge extremist use of school board power and legislative policies, and to support efforts to create equitable and inclusive schools that foster belonging and success for all students.

The PA WInS coalition commits to responding to book bans and censorship activity; discriminatory policies and practices, including discipline policies, that exclude or target any student group that is under our scope; and policies that aim to stifle classroom speech and expression.

A team of PA WInS partners is available to help advocates who are facing issues at the school board level. They offer technical advice and support and connect advocates who are working within and across school districts.

If you are aware of incidents that have happened in your district, please report them. We are tracking incidents throughout the state. Or if you could use help, please fill out the form and someone will respond to you.

Click HERE to report an incident that has happened/is happening

Click HERE to request help from the PA WInS team.  

Our coalition dreams of a Pennsylvania where lawmakers and school officials will support and promote inclusive school environments that reflect and celebrate the diversity of Pennsylvania’s student population and are safe and welcoming spaces for all students to grow, learn, and thrive.

Click HERE to read an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer about the work PA WInS partners do together.